The Eurocup-3 and Javier Sagrera return to action at Zandvoort

Javier Sagrera sets off for this new event with the desire to return to the podium, just as he did in Italy, and with the ambition to do so on the top step.

Javier Sagrera faces another race weekend with the fourth round of the Eurocup-3. The Spanish driver arrives at the Dutch track of Zandvoort eager to return to the podium, just as he did last June in Monza.

The Dutch track is part of the Formula 1 world championship calendar, which adds to the excitement for the drivers in this category, as they get to experience circuits of such caliber. Sagrera will try to adapt as quickly as possible since he has never been to Zandvoort and wants to approach the weekend with confidence.

After a great deal of work during this month-long break, with many hours spent in the simulator, training, and work at the team's headquarters, Palou Motorsport, both Javier and the team feel prepared for the new event.

"I approach the weekend at Zandvoort with the desire to do better than in Monza, where we made it to the podium but want to aim for more. I want to improve the mistakes I might have made in the races and in general. I've been working a lot on the simulator and also physically, as they say it's one of the toughest circuits on the calendar. So we have done extensive preparation, looking at what I could improve and comparing myself to my own performance, and that has been the goal during this month-long break. I come with a lot of excitement, and Álex Palou has also helped me a lot with the simulator and provided important references that I needed to know. This joint effort is very meaningful, and I believe both the team and I are ready. There have also been a couple of changes in me and in the car, which will surely give us an advantage in the races, and now we are eager to improve and do better. This time, we would like to be on the top step, but above all, it's important to gain consistency and score points."

Weekend Schedule:

Saturday, July 15th

10:35 - 11:15 -- FP1

12:25 - 13:05 -- FP2 15:05 - 15:25 -- QUALY

Sunday, July 16th

09:00 -- RACE 1 12:55 - 13:15 -- QUALY 2 16:10 -- RACE 2