Weekend of setbacks for Javier Sagrera at Motorland

The second round of Eurocup-3 didn't go as expected for the young driver Javier Sagrera, as he encountered several issues with his single-seater right from the first qualifying session. The Spanish driver gained experience from such situations and is ready for the next round at Monza.

This weekend, the second round of Eurocup-3 took place at the Spanish track of Motorland - Aragón. Javier Sagrera arrived in Alcañiz after securing his first podium in the first race held at Spa-Francorchamps, eager to continue in the same vein. However, due to factors beyond the driver's control, he couldn't enjoy the races as he would have liked.

During the free practice sessions, he went out with enthusiasm and great motivation, making constant adjustments to the single-seater and trying to find the best setup. However, in the first qualifying session on Saturday, things got complicated with several setbacks affecting the performance of his car, not allowing him to perform at 100%. Despite this, he still managed to secure the fifth-best position on the timesheets. In the first race, while battling near the podium from the fourth position, he encountered technical issues again, causing him to lose valuable time. Furthermore, another driver made contact with him, forcing him to retire from the race.

On Sunday during the qualifying session, he once again faced problems with the single-seater, with a part of it breaking. Sagrera managed to overcome the adversities and qualified sixth, but once more, he was involved in a collision with another driver, dropping him to the last position. Despite this setback, he fought back and climbed up to the eighth position. However, luck was not on his side this weekend as another incident involving another driver forced him to retire, even after making remarkable overtakes.

Racing can be unjust at times, and this time he couldn't savor another podium finish as he did in the previous round. Sagrera left Aragón with more learning and experience, looking forward to the third round at Monza, scheduled for June 10th and 11th.

Javier Sagrera: "Since Saturday's first qualifying session, we had issues with the car. I couldn't complete the usual fast laps at the end of the session and ended up in fifth place. During the race, I was in the fourth position, but some technical problems caused us to lose a lot of time. In the end, another driver made contact with me, and I had to retire. On Sunday, during the qualifying session, I couldn't maximize the performance, and I qualified sixth. In the final race of the weekend, on the first lap, another driver made contact with me, and I dropped to the last position. I managed to recover positions up to eighth place, but then another driver hit me again, ending my race. It's a pity, but we also have to learn from such moments and keep going. Looking forward to going to Monza with a lot of enthusiasm."